Over the years, I’ve spoken, hosted and organized at a number of events. Here you can find a list of selected recordings from some of my favorite events.

How We Talk About Tech
A disguised discussion on tech celebrity and the impact it has on developmnent communities.
Models & Service Layers, Hemoglobin & Hobgoblins
A bit dated but mostly accurate look at refactoring a typical web app with a variety of service layer patterns.
Derping with Kotlin
Early impressions of my favorite features when experimenting with Kotlin.
HTTP & Your Angry Dog
An HTTP 102 class, covering features like Cache-Control and E-Tags.
Things I Believe Now That I’m Old
A keynote about advice, with advice on giving and receiving advice.
Everything is Anything: The Unlikely Wisdom of Historical Stabbings
A meta discussion on software quality and finding inspiration in strange places.

For a sample of audience reviews on older events, you can see my account.